There are many different routes and everyone can discover the beauty of this area in his own way. You can enjoy the roads of the countryside, a bunch of grapes, medieval flavours and wine cellars.

The route of the different castles, for example (of which Ovada is the centre), goes through the following villages: Molare, Cremolino, Prasco, Marsasco, Trisobbio, Orsara Bormida, Montalto, Carpeneto, Roccagrimalda, Tagliolo Monferrato and Belforte.

During the season, you can also go Visone to gather chestnuts and mushrooms. Or you can go to Rivalta Bormida to enjoy the wonderful local flavours.

As charming alternative itinerary, there is also the route of Villas, which goes through Montaldeo, Castelletto d’Orba, Capriata, San Cristoforo to finally arrive at Gavi.  

Those who want to escape and find peace in the nature can go to the park of Capanne di Marcarolo.

And then of course, there’s Acqui Terme, a spa town, known since the 2nd century AC where there are many thermal baths that date from the roman and medieval time. There you can find the “Bollente” (Boiling): each minute there are 560 litres of water of 75 degrees coming out of this octagonal edicola.

In between vineyards, castles and spas

Country Style at the B&B

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The Tagliolo castle and its wine cellars


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